The Art of Influence course helps you stand out, be heard, and get better traction at work

Developed and presented by Rob Bialostocki.

Coach and mentor to professionals since 2007.
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Here’s What's In The Art of Influence Online Course

There are 20 short videos ranging from 2 to 8 mins each plus five professionally-designed PDF workbooks to download and use. You also get email access to Rob both during and after the course. The course is organised into 5 modules. You can do them on any device with an internet connection.

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What You'll Learn


Why value is what will get you heard by busy decision-makers

The only things that will capture people's true attention

The two key needs you must meet without fail

Using the what, why, how framework to articulate ideas

How to build momentum through socialising an idea that's only 60% ready (and why that's a great idea).


How to not just talk with, but really connect with others

The key elements of building trust in conversations

How to easily adapt to build rapport

The platinum rule of treating others and generating reciprocity

How to nail your big idea quickly and succinctly


Why most people don't work hard to clarify issues

How to ask the kind of questions that will uncover the truth

How to dive deep to get the pearls in a situation or conversation

How to distil and check without sounding like a parrot.


What most people don't spend enough time on, that makes things messy

What to minimise and what to maximise in your explanations

The common problem most people have with telling others their ideas

How to break through organisational inertia and speak clearly and plainly.


What you must get right before you open your mouth

How to come across as genuine and believable

Techniques for surfacing and resolving concerns and resistance

How to get traction on agreements so things don't fall by the wayside or get lost in busyness.

Bonus Video! 

The key skills of influence are fine but you also need to operate with good character. In this bonus video, you'll learn what we mean by that, why it's crucial to genuine leadership, and how it works in practice.

How This Course Will Help You

There are clear benefits for you, your colleagues, and others you work with.

By completing this course, and diligently putting the skills into practice on current, real scenarios, you'll:

  • Know exactly how to increase your influence in your organisation
  • Be able to get the ear of senior people and win their support
  • Have your ideas heard, debated and bought into
  • Develop a reputation for value and leadership
  • Get access to new, better opportunities, projects and promotions
  • Feel more confident in your right to be at the table
  • Turbo-boost your career prospects.



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""It's all coming together. Very well designed and well thought-out. Some great tips and I will definitely use what I have learned.""

Graeme, Senior Accountant

""Just want to say a huge thank you for teaching this course. Influencing skills is not an easy thing to teach, and you made it really worthwhile. Right from the start of the course I've learnt many things which stuck with me - I believe which will take me further in my career path.""

Edna, Data Scientist

""As of 9 o'clock this morning, I presented my case to (my senior manager) using the lessons and tools from (the course) and got the sign-off for it." "

Greg, Corporate Finance

Coach Bio

Rob Bialostocki created, developed and presents The Art of Influence online course. He is a professional coach and trainer and since 2007 has delivered this and other learning programmes to corporates.

Leaders in institutional banking, firm partnership and digital analytics and marketing have sought him out as a coach and mentor.

He is also a professionally-trained broadcaster and presenter.


Peace of Mind

We offer a full 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel you've had excellent value, request a full refund - we only ask that you give us some feedback.


How long does it take to do the course?

It's broken up into 20 bite-sized chunks so you can fit it in and around work as needed. The total time it takes to watch all the videos is about 90 minutes but there are workbook exercises to complete, and on-the-job practise to do before moving on. Essentially, we recommend spending roughly 1 to 2 hours a week doing the material over a three to four week period.

Can my Organisation pay for this?

Yes. Just give them your email address so they can register you - that gives you secure, private access for all time. They can use the Company credit card or Paypal to pay at that time. All instructions etc will come straight to the email address they use when registering (i.e. yours!)

Can I take a break if I need to?

Yes. That's why we made the course this way. You can do as little or as much as you want to at any time. You can come back whenever it suits. You will have access for as long as you want.

Can I Do This on My Device?

Yes, you can do it on any device that has internet access. However, you will need to be able to print out the PDF workbooks so you can follow along and complete the suggested actions. Of course, you can print these out before going away from the office if you want to do your learning at home or in a cafe. :)

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